Sunday, September 1, 2013

A poem

The River
Still hurts when I see your face somewhere
Thoughts of your grace still linger in the air
No other woman has quite the same flair
Your cruel absence drives me into despair

Sitting alone in this cold, empty place
Wondering who could fill this space
You left in what seemed like a race
And you disappeared without a trace

You found another and you moved on
My sorrows I drown in Walker's John
Oh where, oh where has my love gone?
I used to have joy, but now I have none

My life must go on, as hard as it seems
Though I still see you in nightly dreams
But no longer I cry and painfully scream
For new love I look in life's raging stream

- This poem is an excerpt from my forthcoming book, "Reflections", which will be available on Amazon, Apple's iBookstore, and other online bookstores in the next few weeks. Follow me on for release info!

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