Thursday, July 26, 2012


Recently I read that Voula Papachristou, Greek triple jumper, was banned from competing in the Olympics because of a racist tweet she posted on Twitter. Here is the offending remark:

"With so many Africans in Greece… At least the West Nile mosquitoes will eat home made food!!!"
This, after a recent outbreak of the West Nile virus in Greece.

Now how on Earth is that racist? If I were to say that mosquitoes on Mallorca frequently die of alcohol poisoning due to all the drunk German tourists there, would that be racist? No, and besides, it's probably even true.
But if one involves black people in a joke, all hell breaks lose. Blacks themselves don't complain, mind you; it's retarded white people who are so afraid of being seen as intolerant that they apply political correctness to everything and everyone. They instantly accuse you of being racist as a measure of preemptively defending themselves against similar accusations,  probably mentally masturbating to the self-image of helping out the poor blacks, who, after the end of slavery, the civil rights movement in the US, the forming of the African Union, and the end of Apartheid apparently are still in dire need to be saved by some Greek asshat. And then they wonder why black people don't like them.

This asshattery was justified with the excuse that her conduct wasn't in line with Olympic ideals. What ideals would that be? You mean this global sporting event, at which amateur athletes compete for nothing but glory while the International Olympic Committee makes hundreds of millions in sponsorship money has ideals?  The same IOC that decided to hold the games in China, where thousands were displaced by the government to make room for new stadiums? They have ideals? Since when?

And so now we have an athlete, probably one of few people in Greece who actually work hard at their job instead of just whining every day that they don't get enough free money from the rest of Europe, being kicked out of a competition she has worked to participate in since she was a teenager.

And all because of a joke that the likes of Jeremy Clarkson make every week on their TV show (which still airs, proving that the BBC do have a sense of humor, bless them).


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