Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Kardashians made me gay

No, not really.
But hearing about what one of these retarded, superficial, untalented sisters did every single day from someone at work or from a magazine cover or even otherwise respectable news sites got me thinking: Would I, a totally straight guy, rather date a Kardashian or gay British actor Sir Ian McKellen?
My answer is simple: Ian McKellen.
Now before you guess that this is some sort of joke (or that I may be secretly gay), think about it for a moment. The sex would be absolutely horrific in either case, but you could actually have a conversation with Mr. McKellen. You also wouldn't have to be ashamed to be seen with him. And then there's the simple fact that he looks better in a bikini than at least two of the Kardashians.
So there you have it. I'd rather be gay than catch an STD from some hoe who's famous because... well, why, exactly? Because someone else chose her over Ian McKellen, and then posted the video of their (boring) encounter on the internet. And now this person is invited to events and award shows as if she had any business being there, besides giving out complimentary handjobs in the washrooms.
Why are the media paying attention to them? Why?
You could just say that there have always been media attention whores, and that the media has gladly helped them in  their quests to be famous for no apparent reason, because fame whores sell magazines. And the Kardashians are simply the latest in a long line of useless, annoying D-listers... but c'mon people, at least Paris Hilton was easy on the eyes.
Even the bottom-feeding gossip media should have some standards.

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