Monday, July 18, 2011

Saudi Arabia?

People in Germany are all upset now, because Angela Merkel and her cabinet of assorted idiots have decided to sell tanks to the Saudis, which previous administrations had always refused to do.
People are saying that the Saudis will use the tanks against their own people (using them against someone else's people would be so much nicer, right?). They're saying that this move on Merkel's part really surprises them.
Really? It surprises them?
Have they already forgotten the Angela Merkel who, as leader of the opposition, apologized to George W. Bush when then-chancellor Gerhard Schroeder decided that he wouldn't help with the Irak invasion? The leader of our opposition apologized for a decision our government made to a foreign head of state?

And then the people went ahead and voted for her. Wow. Retards.

And it's not as if the others in her cabinet are any different: from Guido Westerwelle, who probably qualifies for a spot in the Special Olympics, to Wolfgang Schaeuble, who once famously uttered that "The Irak war was a mistake, but it's better than the United States losing face." Yep, he prefers thousands of people dieing -on both sides- to Bush saying "I was wrong, let's get out of here."

And now you people are surprised to see that Merkel acts like the neo-con puppet that she is? Kissing Washington's ass and doing what the White House tells her to do comes as a surprise to you? What a short memory you have.

The problem of democracies is that in theory, the cream should rise to the top so that the best people may govern society; but the reality is all too often that we are nothing but a giant ocean, in which endless waves of collective amnesia always bring the same excrement back to the top.

The good people have long gone into economics, and only those too stupid for something better get stuck in politics, where these dime-a-dozen bureaucrats masquerade as statesmen and diplomats. And we keep voting for them, for lack of credible alternatives.
And then we act surprised when they act like the unconscionable, morally corrupt embarrassments to the human species that they are.
One can only shake one's head.

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