Sunday, June 12, 2011


So the Grand Prix took place this weekend here in rainy Montreal... i used to watch F1 religiously, when I was a kid. I'd spend the whole 2 hours glued to our tiny 14" TV, hoping that my hero, Alain Prost, would win. Which he did frequently
Nowadays though, I don't really care. Races are decided solely by pit strategies and tire wear, and driving skill seems to have become meaningless. There is so much aerodynamic downforce and so little mechanical grip that all cars take the exact same line through each corner, and passing or even -gasp- long battles for position have long been a thing of the past. Gone are the days of Prost-Senna battles, never to return. Well, unless the FIA finally get a clue and return to cars that have small wings and wide tires, to give the more importance to driving skill than to a team's aerodynamicist. But I'm not holding my breath...
For those of you who want to see what F1 used to be like, way back when, here's a nice clip featuring Montreal's own Gilles Villeneuve (in the Ferrari), fighting for second place with Rene Arnoux (in the yellow Renault). Enjoy.
Villeneuve vs Arnoux

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